Film House Real Estate is pioneering a worldwide revolution in marketing luxury homes, developments and commercial listings by using mini-movies – complete with story lines, actors, musical scores and even aerial cinematography – that are set in the properties to create an emotional connection with potential buyers. Our Case Studies detail exactly how our mini-movies help our Realtor clients win more and larger listings and then sell those listings months faster than the average for seven-figure properties. That’s one of the reasons our mini-movies have been featured in a major cover article in the Mansion section of The Wall Street Journal.

Using Mini-Movies to Market Luxury Homes

This short film provides an overview of our mini-movies, including how the cost is structured. CLICK HERE

Founded in 1976, Film House is one of the largest film production companies in the U.S. having filmed movies and TV commercials in 49 states and 15 countries. We’re also the largest producer of films for the U.S. government and have produced over $150 million worth of movies. Now Film House mini-movies are revolutionizing the way high end properties are sold around the world.

Our mini-movies help you:

  • secure more seven-figure listings
  • reach international buyers
  • shorten the sales cycle
  • showcase the lifestyle associated with the listing
  • make your listings stand out from the rest
  • create an emotional connection with prospective buyers

We’ll also show you how to have the property owner cover the cost of producing the mini-movie. Just Contact Us or call 615-255-4000 for more information.

Film House CEO Curt Hahn presented Win More Luxury Listings With Mini-Movies at NAR in New Orleans. Click here for Curt’s presentation, available from the NAR website.

photo-about-curtCurt presented Using Mini-movies to Market Luxury Homes at NAR in San Francisco. Click here for a short film from Curt’s presentation on how Film House mini-movies are revolutionizing the sale of high end properties around the world.

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